We are a relatively young organization but our skilled, dedicated, and passionate team has accomplished a lot in this little time. Below is a brief overview of some of our completed and ongoing activities/ projects.


ORDER has been involved in a number of WASH related projects in collaboration with local government to improve the hygiene and sanitation situation in low socioeconomic communities. We are also educating local communities regarding proper domestic waste management, as it’s the main source of communicable diseases in these low-income settings.


Working towards our major goal – education for all – ORDER’s team is conducting it’s awareness programs (particularly regarding the importance of female education) on the one hand and working to eliminate the hurdles to universal primary education, be it social or financial, on the other. In order to improve the learning environment for children, our team identifies problems that young learners and their teachers have and in light of that facilitate the local communities for making linkages with the concerned government agencies to work on those issues.


Our health team is working in collaboration with national and international organizations on novel strategies of care delivery to improve the health situation of those with limited access to healthcare, particularly in the context of maternal and child healthcare. Public awareness programs regarding health and hygiene, conducting free medical camps in remote mountainous locations, and facilitating care of the poor patients by directing them to the appropriate government resources are some of the areas that we have been working on.

Social Mobilization and Strengthening of CBOs:

Knowing that sustainable change is only possible with direct involvement of communities, ORDER takes keen interest in social mobilization, community activism, and capacity building activities. We educate and mobilize communities to organize themselves into CBOs that could work on the grass root level to identify and address the unique problems of their settings. To prepare them well for this job, we build their capacity by providing them guidance, resources, and trainings like ….. We maintain our strong link with these CBOs and remain an easily accessible resource for them in time of need. We encourage their participation in any/ all activities that concern their communities and continually provide them guidance, support, and facilitation.

Women Empowerment

ORDER is working in collaboration with other organizations to eliminate gender inequity and violence against women. ORDER arranged a number of awareness activities during the White Ribbon Campaign to educate the masses against this social evil. In Swat district, ORDER is mobilizing, encouraging, and facilitating women groups to participate in the European Union funded District Governance and Community Development (DGCD) program under Community Driven Local Development (CDLD) policy framework of provincial government so that the needs in small infrastructure could be addressed on a priority basis particularly addressing the unique challenges that women in this region have to endure.

Activities for Youth

True change and prosperity is reliant on the preparedness of the young generation for the challenges that lie ahead of them. With this realization ORDER takes particular interest in engaging the youth in its activities. ORDER advocates for the needs and rights of the youth. To prepare them well for the challenges of tomorrow, ORDER, in collaboration with local government and other agencies, is creating opportunities for and conducting a variety of activities including sports and recreational activities, public speaking and formal writing competitions, informal teaching activities to familiarize them with use of computers and technology etc.

Environmental Conservation/ Restoration

One major area of our work is conservation of environment and natural resources. ORDER recognizes that this is a global problem and small steps taken at a grass root community level could make a big difference. We’re particularly working on stopping deforestation in the northern part of the country. We’re educating local communities and empowering community based organization to take steps, unique to each community, to stop this growing problem. ORDER is creating awareness in local communities about the global challenges in environment and encourages the communities and their leadership to influence state policies for protecting local as well as global environment. We are also conducting some simple, yet impactful, activities like “plant a tree – save the planet” particularly targeting school going children to enhance their understanding and awareness about the environment.