Our Objectives

Following are some of our major objectives that we’re working towards:

  • Poverty Alleviation by improving economic status of individuals/ families via providing income generation opportunities.
  • Empowerment of women by promoting gender equality and organizing women into self-help groups and developing their skills and leadership abilities to facilitate their role as productive members and leaders in the society.
  • Working towards improvement the literacy rate in the region particularly female education, adult literacy, and universal primary education.
  • Exploring avenues to improve overall health condition in the region particularly by promoting/ facilitating hygiene & sanitation, immunization & other preventive health measures, and maternal & child health.
  • Undertaking, facilitation, and support of infrastructure development programs in the region.
  • Generating awareness and taking measures to ensure conservation and restoration of environment and natural resources.
  • Developing a strong network of civil society organizations for the overall uplift of community
  • Network with likeminded organizations and forums for collective efforts at local, national and international levels.