Message From The Chairman

Individuals in the low socioeconomic settings of Pakistan, particularly women and children are continuously exposed to ill-treatment, discrimination, and injustice. The state of affairs is far worse in remote, mountainous, socially secluded parts of the country. Limited resources, accessibility issues, lack of education, and gender based discrimination makes the situation more dismal.

A group of dedicated and passionate professionals gathered on a platform with the sole aim of making a difference in the lives of these vulnerable and marginalized groups. This is how ORDER (Organization for Regional Development and Environmental Restoration) came into existence. At ORDER, we vision a world of equal opportunity for all without the barriers of discrimination, social injustice, or economic impediment.

We operate at a grass root level in the underprivileged communities by strengthening and closely working with a network of community based organizations (CBOs) to address the unique challenges that each community has. We collaborate with like-minded national and international organizations to provide the necessary resources that are requisite for the socioeconomic uplift of these communities. We also act as liaison to bridge the gap between the common man and various government institutions. Our approach, thus, provides an opportunity for an all-inclusive affordable, and sustainable change.

In our relatively short time frame thus far, we’ve made remarkable achievements by working in the fields of education, health, hygiene & sanitation, women empowerment, human and institutional development, and environmental conservation. We take pride in our little accomplishments and invite everyone with open heart to work and collaborate with us to make a difference in the lives of these needy, deprived, and most vulnerable populations.